The Education You Need 

The Environment You Want


Women’s Institute of Torah Seminary/Maalot Baltimore is an accredited Seminary and College in Baltimore, Maryland. Providing a sophisticated and inspiring לימודי קדשׁ program and a comprehensive secular studies curriculum, Women’s Institute of Torah Seminary/Maalot Baltimore (WITS/MAALOT) students are prepared to be successful in the world today.

The Orthodox Jewish woman of today confronts a complex reality: mainstay of the Jewish home, active participant in the workforce, contributor to the community, and more. WITS/MAALOT is here to provide the foundation you need to grow, accomplish, contribute and thrive.

WITS/MAALOT has graduated over a thousand women and has a graduate school acceptance rate of 92%. Our students have been accepted to top programs in Maryland and across the country including Johns Hopkins University, Columbia University, University of Maryland, CUNY, Touro College, Yeshiva University, LIU, and Towson University.