Rebbetzin Ettie Rosenbaum

Rebbetzin Ettie Rosenbaum is the Menaheles/Executive Dean and an original founder of WITS/Maalot. With over 40 years of experience, Rebbetzin Rosenbaum is known for her extensive record of excellence in the field of Jewish education. Since its inception in 1998, WITS/Maalot has flourished under her leadership and developed into a sophisticated institution of advanced learning.

Rebbetzin Rosenbaum’s erudition, integrity and talent as an educator and administrator have been the guiding force behind WITS/Maalot. A dedicated teacher, her courses are known for their depth and inspiring perspectives. She possesses a keen understanding of the academic, emotional and life concerns of the seminary-aged student and serves as a mentor and role model. Students know that she is accessible and ready to provide support and guidance.

Rebbetzin Rosenbaum brings to WITS/Maalot a high level of integrated skills combined with vast experience in the field of chinuch. Rebbetzin Rosenbaum founded Women’s Institute of Torah as a continuing education venue and the first organized learning program for women of the Baltimore Jewish community. Rebbetzin Rosenbaum continues as a lecturer at WIT, giving a popular Nach shiur attend by over 80 women weekly. A graduate of Sarah Schenirer Seminary of Jerusalem (BJJ), Rebbetzin Rosenbaum is also a Jewish Marriage Education (J.M.E.) instructor and counselor for close to 30 years.