In 1986, the Women’s Institute of Torah (WIT) emerged as a pioneer in adult Jewish education for Orthodox women in Maryland. Over the next fifteen years, the Women’s Institute of Torah became a dynamic gathering point for adult Jewish education in Baltimore, attracting women to its roster of courses, lectures, seminars and conferences.

In 1998, WIT expanded to include MAALOT, serving as a religious educational setting for graduates of Orthodox Jewish girls’ high schools. With more than sixty faculty members in Judaic and secular studies, the student body is instructed by professional staff. The Judaic studies faculty includes outstanding members of Baltimore’s Yeshivos and wider Jewish community. The secular faculty was drawn from the extensive academic and professional Jewish resources available in the greater Baltimore region.

Today, the Menaheles, Academic Dean, academic coordinators, administrators, advisors, faculty and staff all lend a special quality to MAALOT through their dedication and involvement with the academic, social and spiritual development of the students.

Since its inception, MAALOT has become home to many out-of-town students, who enjoy the thriving and growing Baltimore Jewish community.  MAALOT prides itself for maintaining a warm, nurturing environment for its students.