Quotable Quotes from MAALOT Students

…a warm seminary; teachers really care; classes are very interesting and can be incorporated into daily life – they are really l’ma’aseh. Students are encouraged to participate and give their own ideas and incorporate them.

…MAALOT classes are on a deeper level, more thought provoking.

…really great classes and nice girls; if a person doesn’t want to feel like they left seminary (in Eretz Yisroel) completely, they should come to MAALOT.

Before I came, I was really not too excited about another year of school, but now I am so happy I came. Besides for great classes, you also have a social life!

Good transition back from seminary – wonderful shiurim.

Amazing teachers; every class interests me; flexible schedule…

I really enjoy the classes and the mature, pleasant environment…

The teachers are amazing; the classes are interesting and not typical.

…flexible schedule; the guidance counselors really help all the students figure out what they need for degrees; excellent teachers and classes and great group of girls. I love the program!

The classes are very dynamic and interesting. Any topic will be addressed and discussed. I like MAALOT; it is a great way to still be in a Torah environment while getting credits.

It’s an environment where you are surrounded by Torah Hashkafos; the teachers are there for you in and out of class to answer questions and offer advice; the staff is so friendly and easy to work with; you build  friendships and get your degree quickly and efficiently.

You can get credits through learning Kodesh subjects which is amazing and the fact that everyone is so friendly and helpful with everything…

The mood is one of learning ‘lishma,’ something which is refreshing…the teachers present their classes in an interactive way; the classes don’t feel like lectures, but like a learning process.

…the care and concern and devotion to all the girls. You can tell that the school…is very intent on helping the girls clarify their goals and then getting them there.

I like that there are very highly esteemed teachers and Rabbonim… it’s amazing how inspired you can get…It really made a big change in my life.

The environment…promotes all the values we were always taught.

You don’t have to feel like you have to compromise your Hashkafos in order to get your degree. MAALOT is the best of both worlds!

It’s really special to continue learning and growing while I am getting my degree; it’s like one more year to stay insulated …

MAALOT is really a great place. I’m from Denver so I’m experiencing it from an out-of town perspective. I strongly recommend it.

MAALOT is a great way to transition from seminary: all your shiurim and college classes are in one place; it’s a full program – classes, friends, college…

The MAALOT staff is very helpful; there are great advisement counselors; there are lots of lovely boarding families available.

You have a social life, great teachers, a special “Ask the Rav” opportunity. MAALOT is a great way to finish your BA. Truly amazing!