Your Future Starts Now

Welcome to WITS/MAALOT! WITS/MAALOT offers a comprehensive educational program, enabling Jewish women to pursue a variety of academic and professional options in a positive, Torah environment. At WITS/MAALOT, students achieve their Jewish and general education goals, prepare for graduate school and the professional world, cultivate their social awareness, and enhance their spiritual growth and development. Students graduate with two undergraduate degrees:

  1. A nationally accredited BA degree from WITS/MAALOT
  2. An internationally recognized BA degree in partnership with Gratz College

The admissions committee takes all aspects of the application into account when determining admission. No one factor determines admission. Rather, the committee looks at each applicant individually, taking the whole student into account. Acceptance to WITS/MAALOT demonstrates the institution’s confidence in an applicant’s readiness to maximize her personal and academic growth. Admissions advisors are ready to help you navigate the application process and choose the program best for you. 

WITS/MAALOT has three programs that award college credit for Jewish and general studies coursework:

  • The Seminary Program, with general studies option, geared for students who have completed one year of seminary after graduating high school. Recommended for students who graduated from high school less than four years ago.
  • The Post-Seminary (general studies) Program, with Jewish studies option, recommended for:
    • students who have completed two years of seminary after graduating high school
    • students who graduated high school over four years ago.

    Women do NOT need to have previously attended seminary to apply to WITS/MAALOT degree programs.

  • The Israel Study Abroad Program (ISAP), for high school graduates who plan to continue their studies at WITS/MAALOT after their year in Israel.

How do I apply?

Seminary Program

Post-Seminary Program

Israel Study Abroad Program