Financial Aid

Working with you to make education affordable

 At WITS/MAALOT, we will work with you to make education affordable. Students who meet the admissions criteria of WITS/MAALOT are not denied admission because of financial need. Every effort is made to ensure that eligible students are able to receive the financial aid needed to attend WITS/MAALOT.

This first step in applying for any kind of financial aid is filling out the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).

To learn more about the FAFSA application process, or to complete the FAFSA application, visit

The WITS Title IV School Code is 042652.

*There is no net price calculator available, as the institution did not receive Title IV funding in 16-17.

While the total cost of the degree varies from student to student, for most students, the total cost of the degree ranges between $18,000 and $20,000.

Financial aid is currently not available for the Israel Studies Abroad Program offered in conjunction with Gratz College.

The FAFSA application becomes available on October 1st for the following academic year. The application should be filled out as soon as possible. 

WITS participates in the Federal Pell Grant Program and two campus-based programs, Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grants (FSEOG) and Federal Work Study (FWS). WITS does not participate in federal loan programs.

For more information on financial aid at WITS/Maalot, please see the Financial Aid Handbook .



The State of Maryland offers needs-based and merit-based scholarships, grants, and awards. There are also scholarships for specific fields and populations. To learn about Maryland state financial aid programs, visit

A student who files the FAFSA and indicates a Maryland state school is automatically considered for many state financial aid programs. However, some programs require additional applications. For more information on specific programs, visit and

The deadline to file for state awards is March 1st for the following academic year.

Senatorial and Legislative awards have a separate application process and may have different deadlines. See the above links and contact the office of your state senator or delegate for more information.


There are many private scholarships available to students from organizations and foundations inside and outside of the Jewish community. Students are encouraged to apply for these as well. There are resources available online to search for potential scholarships such as the websites listed below. WITS/MAALOT is not affiliated with any of these websites and does not endorse them.

Central Scholarships

Chamber of Commerce

U.S. Department of Education

US Department of Labor

Big Future by the College Board




Hebrew Free Loans offers interest-free loans for education and can be accessed at  for more information.

WITS does not participate in federal loan programs.


Students who wish to be considered for a limited number of institutional needs-based scholarships should contact the WITS office for more information and an application. Students must have completed the FAFSA application in order to be considered for institutional aid.

Parents and students who wish to receive more information or assistance with financial aid programs, should contact Mrs. Tova Rappaport, Financial Aid Administrator, at, or 410-358-3144.