Preparing You for Success


The academic program at WITS/Maalot delivers a broad, well-rounded education designed to produce well-informed, educated alumnae who embody the values of the Mesorah and are prepared for the professional world. The high-caliber degree offered at WITS/Maalot is comprised of a comprehensive, high-level slate of Limudei Kodesh courses, along with general education core courses and courses in a wide variety of academic areas.


WITS/Maalot offers an internationally-recognized degree in conjunction with Gratz College, a Middle States regionally accredited institution. As part of the degree program, students take prerequisite and professional coursework for their field of choice. All the Jewish studies courses taken at WITS/Maalot count towards the degree as well. WITS/Maalot students have gained admission to top graduate programs in Maryland and across the country.


Most of our students opt to graduate with a major in Jewish studies, as outlined below. All students complete the same Liberal Arts core. Students also have the option of majoring in Psychology, Liberal Studies and Computer Science. In addition, WITS/Maalot has a pathway program for students majoring in Business. Academic Advisers meet with every student and advise her on the best degree plan and course program based on the student’s academic and career goals.


The BA in Judaic Studies program is divided into the following sections:

  • Liberal Arts Core – 27 credits

Courses included in this section provide a strong foundation in general studies applicable to all future career paths. Courses include: English Composition, public speaking, mathematics, natural science, technology, history, social science, literature/art, diversity

  • General Education electives – 15 credits

Additional non-Judaic studies coursework fill this area, which may include pre-requisite courses for professional fields of study

  • Core Jewish Studies – 18 credits
  • Jewish Studies Electives – 33 credits
  • Free Electives – 27 credits in any discipline

Free electives include advanced prerequisite and professional coursework.