Degree Requirements-Jewish Studies


Read this information carefully. Familiarity with degree requirements will empower you to make important decisions when planning your program of study.

A Bachelor of Arts degree is comprised of 120 credits, as explained below:

I. General Education Core Requirements – 27 credits

  • English Composition and Rhetoric – 6 credits
    • English Composition I is a required course for all students
    • Fundamentals of Communication can fulfill the second 3 credits of this requirement
  • Math – 3 credits
  • Natural Science – 3 credits
  • Technology – 3 credits
  • History – 3 credits
  • Social Science – 3 credits
  • Literature/Fine Art – 3 credits
  • Diversity – 3 credits


Each semester’s course schedule indicates the core requirement a course can fulfill. Although some courses can fulfill more than one requirement, the course can only be used once. Several Kodesh courses can satisfy some core requirements; however, if used here, they cannot also be used to fulfill the Jewish Studies requirements.


AP exam scores of 4 or higher may be used to fulfill core requirements, including English Composition I. CLEP exams, or other exams for credit, may not be used to fulfill the English Composition I requirement. A maximum of 12 credits of CLEP exams may be applied towards the degree.


II. General Education Electives – 15 credits

  • May include prerequisite courses for professional fields of study
  • May include courses towards a minor area of study
  • May not be Jewish studies courses
  • Must include 3 credits of Math, Natural Science or Technology


III. Judaic Studies Requirement – 51 credits

  • Credits from the WITS/Maalot seminary program fulfill this requirement
  • Credits from first-year seminary may be applied to this requirement
  • Credits from the Hebrew Language Proficiency Exam may be applied to this requirement


IV. Free Electives – 27 credits

  • May be Kodesh or general studies courses
  • Credits from first-year seminary and/or credits by exam may be applied to this section


A Minor in another discipline may be completed in conjunction with the Jewish Studies Major.


Students are encouraged to look over the course offerings BEFORE meeting with their academic advisor. Some of these categories can be completed with prior coursework. Students should have a tentative plan for fulfilling the remaining core requirements. A worksheet is available to help you plan your academic program.