MAALOT Baltimore’s
Sunday, November 15, 2015

“There was an excitement and energy that filled the rooms as the invited guests shared their stories and advice.” This quote, from one of the presenters at MAALOT’s recent “Exploring Career Opportunities,” encapsulates the feelings of both the presenters and students who were privileged to take part in this beautifully orchestrated event.  The program was designed by MAALOT, with characteristic attention to detail and organization, in order to offer current students, alumnae and Baltimore high school seniors a panoramic view of many of today’s most popular professions suitable for a Bas Yisroel.

Opening remarks by MAALOT’s Menaheles, Mrs. Ettie Rosenbaum, and Academic Dean, Dr. Leslie Klein, gave perspective and direction to the students on career choices in light of their primary roles as mainstays of homes and communities.  Thereafter, three panels of speakers, each in a different room, detailed their professions: Business & Technology included presenters describing careers in healthcare management, independent business initiatives, accounting, computer programming and cyber security; Education & Psychology featured professionals in Chinuch, School Psychology, Mental Health Counseling and Social Work; Medical & Health Sciences was comprised of specialists representing the fields of Speech Pathology, Nursing/Nurse Practitioner, Physician Assistant, Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy and Ultrasound Technology.

The panelists represented a cross-section of impressive, dedicated, frum women – a significant number of whom were MAALOT’s own graduates, who described their career path, the training they received, finding their first jobs, managing the work/life balance, and the most rewarding (and most challenging) aspects of their job.  Concurrent themes emanating from all rooms and across every career path included:

  • Intern and shadow, when possible, before choosing a career path.
  • Exude positivity – enjoy what you do.
  • Put forth real effort – be an efficient, responsible worker.
  • Be a team player – work well with others.
  • Be consistent in keeping your standards – others will respect you for it.
  • Be articulate, write emails properly, dress and speak professionally, and act confidently.

The positive responses of so many of the students in attendance, highlights the success of MAALOT’s “Exploring Career Opportunities”:

  • “The program was so eye-opening; it was a wonderful way to connect with people in the field in which I’m interested.”
  • “This program was informative and very well organized. It’s obvious a lot of effort was put into it.”
  • “This was such a great experience! I’m so thankful that MAALOT organized it.”

The enthusiastic responses of the presenters echoed the sentiments:

  • “I was so inspired by the students and their enthusiasm, and by the other presenters and their wealth of knowledge and excitement.”
  • ”This was truly an empowering experience for everyone in attendance.”

Credit is due to Mrs. Ethel Fischer, MAALOT Director of Development, for spearheading the event; to Mrs. Rosenbaum and Dr. Klein for their leadership and guidance which directed this program and guides all MAALOT activities; and, to the indefatigable MAALOT administrative staff, whose combined talents and initiative make MAALOT a forerunner of innovative education and hadracha for so many of our young women.