Out-of-Town Students

Bruchos Ha’baos:

Welcome to WITS/MAALOT,

Your Home Away from Home

Hailing from all across North America (including Cleveland, Detroit, Boston, St. Louis, Toronto, Minneapolis, Los Angeles, Chicago, Dallas, Denver, Providence, Montreal, Harrisburg, Miami), Israel, Europe, South America, and Australia, students bring a rich variety of experiences and perspectives to WITS/MAALOT, forging lasting connections. Students contribute their own styles, perspectives and life experiences to the richness of the academic and social life of WITS/MAALOT.

Students hailing from out of Baltimore typically board with local families, 2-4 students per family. WITS/MAALOT administrators assist in the process of finding accommodations and provide recommendations.

Most out-of-town students complete their degree and prerequisite coursework at WITS/MAALOT. If a student wishes to take courses in her hometown in the summer or after the completion of her seminary year, the academic advisory staff work with her to complete her requirements.

Wherever a WITS/MAALOT student lives, she knows that she is always a part of the WITS/MAALOT family. The resources of WITS/MAALOT and its advisory staff are always available to her.

Students from foreign countries are welcome to apply to WITS/MAALOT. For more information on international students, click here.