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Women in the Workplace 2018:

From the beginning of time, the Jewish woman has been the architect of the r
uchnius (spirituality) of her household. She created an escape from the hard-driving working world, an oasis of calm, a focus on values, and an atmosphere of Torah and yiras Shamayim. 

Now that women have become part of the workplace, how do we maintain the ability to create the refuge from a world antithetical to our values? How do we protect or own ruchnius and tznius (modesty) as well as shape a home that does the same? How do we interact with colleagues, co-workers and employers in a manner that creates a kiddush Hashem without compromising any of our values and middos?

This program was organized to provide some answers and direction to the dilemmas of the workplace. Thank you to The Charles Crane Family Foundation for making this program possible.

Rabbi Feldman: The Challenge of the Torah Jew in the Workplace (audio)


Dr. Weisbord: Professon, Career or Job (audio)