The Seminary Program

The Education You Need –The Environment You Want

WITS/Maalot welcomes young women who have successfully completed one year of post-high school study in a recognized Jewish Studies program. A challenging learning opportunity awaits students seeking to maximize their potential in a Torah environment. WITS/Maalot is the perfect bridge between seminary in Israel and life in the professional world, providing students with the hashkafic and academic tools for success.

The Seminary Experience

Courses in Tanach, Halacha, Hashkafa and Jewish History are taught by prestigious Rabbis and outstanding Mechanchos from the Baltimore Jewish community. Students earn college credits for the Jewish Studies courses, which are applied to the BA degree.  Yimei Iyun, special programs and internationally-recognized guest lecturers round out an inspiring and fulfilling year of study.

General Studies Program

In addition to the comprehensive Jewish Studies program, WITS/Maalot students enroll in general studies courses.  These courses, taught by exceptional professors and professionals in the field, provide students with the skills they need to be successful in the professional world. Students also fulfill the prerequisite courses for a wide variety of fields and graduate programs – including health sciences (OT, PT, PA, nursing), psychology, education, speech-language pathology, accounting & business, law, medicine, social work, computer science, and graphic design. Students can also earn a Certificate in Education.

Individual Attention

Each WITS/Maalot student receives individual attention. The Rabbis and Mechanchos are accessible to every student, providing hashkafic and halachic guidance. The general studies faculty provides valuable professional guidance and advice. An Academic Advisor, assigned to each student, meets with her student several times over the course of the year and beyond, to customize a program of study to meet the student’s academic and professional goals.

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